Patient Testimonials

I’m so lucky to have found Dr. Baumgartl

“Dr. Baumgartl, Stephanie and his entire staff are the most caring and compassionate healthcare providers I’ve encountered, Ever! Dr. Baumgartl really knows what he’s doing, and genuinely wants to help. He is the Best! His assistant Stephanie is just the sweetest and caring person as well. I have no words to express my gratitude to either of them. I’m so lucky to have found Dr. Baumgartl.”

– Verified Vitals user

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Dr Baumgartl took his time

“I went to see him about a procedure that I was considering in lieu of a hip replacement. Dr Baumgartl took his time to evaluate my condition and then to thoroughly explain the entire process. I will be continuing to work with him and expect a happy outcome. I highly recommend.”

— Greg F.

He spends a great deal of time with you

“A very compassionate and understanding doctor who actually listens to his patients. Spends a great deal of time with you. Creates a treatment plan and makes appropriate recommendations. Very methodical in his approach.”

— Roz

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I have found tremendous relief

“I have a rare disorder and he was the only doctor able to diagnose me properly. He promised he would stick with me until I found relief. And he has. He thinks outside the box. I have found tremendous relief because of his treatment.”

— Maggie M.

Very caring, always interested in how I am doing

“Dr. Qian is a great Doctor, I have been seeing him for almost a year now at the Chula Vista Office, He listens to my issues, he recommends different treatments to try and get the max pain relief for me. I suffer from severely advanced osteoarthritis in both hips, protruding disc in lower back with nerve impingement and carpal tunnel in both wrists.

I must also point out his PA Jessica is also the very best PA I’ve ever seen. She is very caring, compassionate and always interested in how I am doing. I am glad my primary care Doctor sent me to Dr. Qian, It has helped me dramatically in managing my pain.”

— Donald Vargo

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Dr. Baumgartl has been with me every step of the way

“Follow up visits with Dr. Baumgartl have been successful. I was the patient who had the spinal cord stimulator implant in San Leandro in March 2019. My body reacted differently than most to the implant. Dr. B has been with me every step of the way for my recovery.

Dr. Baumgartl is STILL my doctor and will continue to be. Thanks Doc!

— J. Buchanan