iO-Core™ Procedure takes a modern approach to the treatment of joint pain. Our goal is to regenerate, preserve, and restore function to your existing joint without major surgery or joint replacement surgery. The iO-Core™ procedure is a patented and Trade-Marked procedure developed by Dr. William Baumgartl, to address the most severe degenerative joint diseases, and as an option for patients who wish to avoid an orthopedic joint replacement procedure. The procedure is based on the concept that joint degeneration is both a surface problem of the cartilage, and also the sub-cartilage bone degeneration. Most physicians are only treating the surface cartilage inside the joint. The iO-Core™ technique was developed to not only address the surface cartilage but to take it a step further by identifying and treating the vital boney structure that supports and provides key nutrients to the cartilage in your joint.

New and an ever-increasing number of research papers indicates that joint pain can be attributed to underlying bone marrow lesions and insufficiency fractures. Bone marrow lesions lie just beneath cartilage in your joint causing severe swelling and pain. Just like any other lesion, swelling from these bone marrow lesions irritate the surrounding nerves of the joint and impairs the circulation supporting the cartilage. Remember, cartilage has no nerves; the joint pain you feel is from the nerves in the surrounding tissue.

iO-Core™ trained physicians identify these lesions using MRI imaging. A specialized instrument decompresses the swelling in the lesion. Fresh healthy tissue is grafted to fill the space left by the lesion. Once the tissue graft is in place, your own bone marrow derived stem cells are placed in and around where the lesion had been. These same bone marrow stem cells are also place inside the joint itself onto the surface cartilage to boost the healing both inside the joint and the supporting bone.
Unlike traditional treatments for arthritis that focus on reducing symptoms, the iO-Core™ procedure takes a comprehensive approach to joint restoration and pain relief by targeting the root cause of joint pain, damage and degeneration. The outpatient procedure harnesses the body’s own healing capabilities to treat cartilage defects and bone marrow lesions that damage the underlying bone and cause significant pain in patients with moderate to advanced arthritis.
A procedure that addresses both the surface loss of cartilage and underlying bone damage may help patients reduce pain, regain mobility and prevent or delay further progression without the need to undergo invasive surgery. According to the journal of Bone and Joint, “approximately 1 in 5 patients still experience chronic pain”* after the invasive knee replacement surgery.