During the iO-Core™ procedure, a board-certified surgeon will perform the following steps to treat damaged, unhealthy bone that’s causing joint pain.

  • A percutaneous intact bone graft is completed. A small needle extracts a healthy piece of bone, which is later placed into the area of dying, unhealthy bone (bone marrow lesion). The patient’s healthy bone graft and bone allograft assists in structural support, along with re-growing and healing the damaged bone.
  • Continuous X-ray imaging (fluoroscopic imaging) is used to identify the exact location of the bone marrow lesion. Then a core decompression is performed by advancing an instrument into the damaged bone around the affected joint. Decompression relieves built-up pressure caused by bone marrow lesions.
  • Bone marrow aspirate is injected into the damaged bone and within the joint space. The aspirate is rich in growth factors, stem cells and progenitor cells that provide additional healing factors to damaged areas of the joint. A bone marrow injection helps with revascularization and it sends a signal to the body to begin repairing the damaged bone and cartilage.